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Welcome to the vortex4.net support page. This page is intended to answer the typical questions vortex4.net users have brought up.

Q: What settings should I use in my mail software to use my vortex4.net account?

A: In general, set your incoming mail server to pop.vortex4.net:995 or imap.vortex4.net:993, depending on whether you plan to use pop or imap for mail retreival. Make sure to use ssl, because cleartext pop and imap are not supported. All users are encouraged to use pop and remove their messages from the server, but feel free to use imap if you need to, just keep an eye on how much mail you are keeping on the server.

The outgoing mail server you use should optimally be the closest outgoing mail server to you on the internet, usually the outgoing mail server provided by your internet connectivity provider. If you need to use vortex4's mail server as your outgoing mail server, specifcy smtp.vortex4.net as your outgoing mail server and enable ssl or tls in your outgoing server settings. If for some reason you are unable to negotiate a secure connection with smtp.vortex4.net and your connection features a static IP address, I can add you into the access list for smtp.vortex4.net; just an email message to friend@vortex4.net with the ip address you are using.

Q: I'm hosting or intend to host a domain name with vortex4.net. What DNS servers should I point my domain name at?

A: The optimum DNS server list to use for hosting a domain name with vortex4.net as follows:



Q: How do I use my ftp account with vortex4.net?

A: Point your sftp/scp client at sftp.vortex4.net. If you are publishing a web site, put the site in the public_html directory. Note that vortex4.net does not support ftp as of October 1, 2004. Users should find a client which supports the sftp or scp protocols, such as winscp for windows or fugu for the mac, and point their clients at sftp.vortex4.net to publish web sites

Q: I need to load vortex4.net's root certificate to use secure pop and imap services on vortex4.net or to load secure web pages on vortex4.net. Where can I find vortex4.net's root certificate?

A: vortex4.net's root cert can be accessed via the urls shown below:

pem/crt format (most people)
der format (for users of older versions of IE. Note that vortex4.net warns strongly against the use of older versions of IE)

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