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Welcome to the vortex4.net status page. The current status of vortex4.net's network is described below. If you are experiencing difficulties with anything not listed below, please send email to friend@vortex4.net


9/23/2006 - The shell server is beginning to lose it's hard disk. I have another one I intend to replace it with, but I'm going to wait until the queue empties itself so I don't have to try and salvage the queue manually. I have stopped smtp deliveries to frane. All shell users who got their mail on frane should now retreive it from zed using imap-ssl. frane is still accessible for the time being, but should not be used to house irreplacable data.

9/16/2004 - All services except for shell have been cut over to the new server. Users should pop from zed.vortex4.net to make sure they have all of their mail one last time between now and 9/30/2004, at which point zed will be shut down. Shell is still only marginally usable due to packet loss on the Berkeley SDSL line. I still have no ETA on when the line will be stable again.

9/12/2004 - Mail services have mostly been cut over to the colocated server in San Jose. The Berkeley SDSL line has been going up and down, and generally is the opposite of what I report it to be. So far it looks like we didn't lose any mail, but users will have to collect mail from both the old and new servers over the next week or so to make sure they have all of their mail. Shell service will remain impacted until the SDSL line stabilizes.

9/7/2004 - On Saturday, 9/4, we began to experience drastic levels of packet loss on the line which houses all of our mail servers and the shell server. We had dropped in a substitute SDSL router to fix the 8/25 problem, and it seemed to be working until this packet loss started. We have at times this weekend thought we had things working, but the problem continues, and at this point the line is completely down. Mail sent since Saturday will not be lost until this coming Saturday, and I'm working to deploy a new mail server to catch that mail before Saturday comes.

8/25/2004 - We lost the main router on the network where our mail and shell servers are colocated. There is currently no realistic ETA on restoration of mail and shell service, but we are working repair the situation as quickly as possible.. I'll be attempting to redeploy all mail services on our new colocated server, but it will take a couple of days at the very least. I apologize profusely for this inconvenience.

1/29/2004 - We lost a power supply on one of the upstream routers at the place zed and frane are sitting. All services were unavailable from about 6:30pm to about 9:45pm. The new power supply is functioning properly and we expect no recurrences of this issue.

1/13/2004 - Upstream network outage from 7:45pm to around 10:30pm. All services impacted, though it appears the backup mail server may have been picking up mail while the primary wasn't available. Worst case is mail senders during that time may get warnings that the send would be delayed by 4 hours. All mail should be fully delivered by around 2:30am 1/14 at the latest. frane was being upgraded during the outage and shell service is currently unavailable.

3/22/2003 - We had a router upgrade backfire this morning...one of the uplinks from the main server was down from around 3:30am to about 1:00pm. Sorry for the inconvenience...everything should be back up now.

12/15/2002 - We had a power failure on the city grid the main server locationwas stationed on. It started about 1:30pm PST 12/14/2002. http, smtp, pop, mailing lists, ftp, and dns have been restored as of about 12:15an PST 12/15.

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