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vortex4.net, previously Vortex4 Internet Services, is an independently run, not for profit Internet Service Provider, providing hosting services on a limited basis to various members of the community. vortex4.net is not currently accepting additional users, but that will probably change down the road. For the moment the proprietors are recovering from the ordeal of running a commercial ISP, and maintainence is provided as time permits.

vortex4.net boasts FreeBSD servers running in San Jose and Berkeley, California

Contact Information:

E-mail: friend@vortex4.net

Snail mail: P.O. Box 11674, Berkeley, CA 94712

vortex4.net is a not for profit service, and we appreciate cash donations to help pay our bandwidth and hardware costs. If you would like to contribute to vortex4.net, send a check payable to David Cotton to the above address, or you can make a paypal donation using the link below:

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